Elva Elite Cup 2019 (May 10 th-11 th)

Elite Youth Tournament in Estonia organized by FC Elva and Baltic Football School.

Tournament takes place in Nike Arena Elva (Puiestee 2, Elva, ESTONIA)

Fast paced tournament nature always provokes teams to score many goals and it is a joy for both, as for players to compete and for spectators to follow all the action. 

Tournament info

Basic information
Team: maximum 14 players and 2 officials
Players on field: 7+1
Match time: 1x17 min
Field size: ½ pitch (68x50m)
Goal size: 2x5 m
Ball size: 4
Subs: Unlimited
Offside: No

Tournament system - 2 groups of 7 teams. 6 games for every team in group stage. After the group stage Top 3 teams of each group and best 4th placed team play A-finals group and other teams B-finals group. 12 games in minimum are guaranteed for every team.

Rules - Rules of the Game are regualated by FIFA and EFA(Estonian Football Assotiation)

Rassism has no place in football. All who not accept this will be banned from the tournament

If two or more teams have the same amount of points the order will be decided as follows:

1. Results of matches between teams involved
2. Goal difference in group games among teams involved
3. Goals scored in group games among teams involved
4. Goal difference in all group games
5. Goals scored in all groups games
6. Count of yellow and red cards
7. If everything above is equal, there will be a draw to decide.

Accommodation info

Hotel Sophia (2 nights / 6 meals) 
25 km from Nike Arena Elva. 15-20 minutes by bus/car 

Motel Waide / Tartu County Recreational Center (2 nights / 6 meals) 
1-2 km from Nike Arena Elva

School* (2 nights / 6 meals) 
School is located near Nike Arena Elva
* Sleeping bag or mattresses are not included in the price

For additional information contact Marek Naaris.

Tournament lunch menu

10.05.2019 lunch 13.00 – 15.00 

Creamy chicken pasta (Koorene kanapasta)
Carrot – orange salad and cucumber – tomato salad (Porgandi-apesinisalat, kurgi-tomatisalat)
Different breads, buns (Leivavalik, kuklid)
Milk, buttermilk, water, berries water (Piim, keefir, maitsevesi, morss)
Berries smoothie, banana (Marjasmuuti, banaan)

11.05.2019 lunch 12.00 – 14.00

Beef stroganoff (Veiselihastroogonov)
Boiled potatoe/rice (Keedetud kartul/riis)
Warm vegetables, chinese cabbage-paprika-cucumber salad, colourful cabbage salad (Soojad juurviljad, hiinakapsa-paprika-kurgisalat, kirju kapsasalat)
Different breads, buns (Leivavalik, kuklid)
Milk, buttermilk, water, berries water (Piim, keefir, maitsevesi, morss)
Cottage cheese cream, berry sauce (Kohupiimakreem toormoosiga)

In dining hall is opened small cafe (bank card, cash) 10 may 9.00 – 18.00, 11 may 11.00 – 14.00.

There we offer:
Cold drinks (water, juice, diferent beverages)
Salty and sweet snacks
Salaty and sweet buns
Ice cream

If you are interested, we can offer 10.05.2019 since 16.15 – 17.15 pancakes for 0,60 €

International manager
+371 2647 8477 (LV)

Local manager
+372 5216916 (EST)