1. Goals and objectives

The Latvian FF INDEPENDENCE CUP (further in the text – Tournament) for U16 teams is staged with following goals:

  • to determine the Tournament winner;

  • to develop and raise popularity of youth football in Latvia;

  • to improve sport skills of football players, referees and coaching staff;

  • to improve relations between clubs, federation, countries,


2. Tournament Management

The Latvian FF INDEPENDENCE CUP for U16 Teams will be organized and managed by Latvian Football Federation, Baltic Football School


3. Venue and time

3.1. Tournament will be held on natural turf pitches in Jelgava and Iecava.

3.2. Dates:

2nd of August: Arrival date

3rd of August: Matchday 1

4th of August: Matchday 2

5th of August: Matchday 3 and departure


4. Competition Participants

4.1. All players must be born after 01.01.2003

4.2. All players participating in the Tournament must have a valid passport or ID card containing picture, date of birth and nationality.

4.3. Number of players in Match sheet – 18, number of substitutions – 7.


5. Competition system

5.1. Number of teams: 8; 2 groups of 4 teams.

5.2. The tournament will be held in Round-robin format. Each team plays each of the other teams in the group once, with three points awarded for a win, one for a draw and none for a defeat. Winner of the group is determined by the most points collected in for matches.

To determinate tournament winner there will be semifinal and final game for 1 – 4 place and 5 – 8 place. ( Best team from group A play with second team of group B. Second place of group A vs first place of group B. Winners of these matches will play for 1st place and losers for 3rd Same system for 5th and 7th place respectively.)

5.3. Match time 2 x 30 minutes, 5 matches in total

5.4. If two or more teams are equal on points on completion of the tournament, the following criteria are applied, in the order given, to determine the rankings:

  1. higher number of points obtained in the tournament matches played among the teams in question;

  2. superior goal difference resulting from the tournament matches played among the teams in question;

  3. higher number of goals scored in the tournament matches played among the teams in question;

  4. if, after having applied criteria a) to c), teams still have an equal ranking, criteria a) to c) are reapplied exclusively to the tournament matches between the teams in question to determine their final rankings. If this procedure does not lead to a decision, criteria e) to h) apply;

  5. superior goal difference in all tournament matches;

  6. higher number of goals scored in all tournament matches;

  7. lower disciplinary points total based only on yellow and red cards received in

  8. the tournament matches (red card = 3 points, yellow card = 1 point, expulsion for two yellow cards in one match = 3 points);

  9. drawing of lots.

5.5. At the play-off stage, if there is a draw after final whistle in regular time, a winner is determined in penalty shoot-out (five shots per each team).


6. Law of the Game

6.1. Matches are played according to FIFA Laws of the Game. All teams must respect the principles of fair play.

6.2. Prior to each match, teams have to complete Match sheet with players’ shirt numbers, surnames, first names and dates of birth of maximum of 18 players, along with surnames and first names of team’s officials seated on a substitutes’ bench. The match sheet must be properly completed in capital letters and signed by the team captain and an authorized team official.

6.3. Both teams must submit their match sheets to the referee at least 40 minutes before kick-off.

6.4. First 11 players in the Match sheet must start the match. Other seven players are substitutes. Numbers on the players’ shirts must correspond to numbers indicated on the Match sheet. Goalkeepers and a team captain must be identified.

6.5. Only seven of the substitutes listed in the Match sheet may take part in the match. A player who has been substituted may take no further part in the match.

6.6. A sent off player is suspended for the next match.


7. Responsibilities of the participating clubs and associations

7.1. Clubs and associations are responsible for the behavior of their players, officials, members, supporters and any person carrying out a function at a match on their behalf.

7.2. If necessary, clubs and associations must apply for visas from the diplomatic mission of the host country well in advance of a tournament.

7.3. Clubs and associations cover international travel costs if there are no special agreement with organizers.


8. Insurance

8.1. All persons involved in the tournament are responsible for their own insurance cover.


9. Awards

A winner, runner up and the 3rd place winner of the Tournament will be awarded with cups and medals. All teams will get prizes.


10. Unforeseen Circumstances

Any matters not listed in these regulations, such as cases of force majeure, are settled by the Organizers, whose decisions are final.







40 min

Kit and document (passport) control

With referees


20 min

Start of warm-up on field of play

Main pitch


5 min

End of warm-up on field of play (latest)

Main pitch

Teams return to dressing rooms (optional)

Dressing room


3 min

Teams leave dressing rooms

In the tunnel



Studs control



2 min

Players lined-up ready for walk-on

Designated location



Players and referees walk-on while walk-on music is played out

Main pitch



Line-up facing honorary tribune

NO anthems



Teams shake hands and break for photos

Main pitch



Team photos

Main pitch



Toss of coin (referees and captains), exchange of match pennants (captains)

Main pitch




Main pitch



Half Time

Main pitch



Possible half-time activities on the field of play

Main pitch



Full time, end of the match: teams and referees gather in the centre of the field to shake hands and thank the public

Main pitch